Our Strengths

Lindopharm GmbH is specialized on manufacturing of sachets (powder bags) and sticks to pharmaceutical products. Having an annual production output of more than 500m sachets, Lindopharm GmbH is one of Germany’s biggest sachet manufacturers in the field of pharmaceutical packaging.

Lindopharm is specialized in filling of powders / powder blends, granules, and microtablets for pharmaceutical products, medical products, food and /or food supplements. We offer a broad bulk manufacturing and sachet filling service using a large variability of formats, pack volumes, pack sizes, and batch sizes to fulfill the increasing clients' requests for this dosage form.

Being a well established Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) we, of course, offer full service - from product development and product optimization to market release and product supporting stability testing. We remain a notable CMO for our clients by constant modernization of our production and laboratory facilities.


An Aristo® company.