What we do

As an experienced and competent contract manufacturer for solid pharmaceutical forms, we offer you the highest level of safety and quality awareness in every production step right through to the end product.

The strength of our site lies primarily in the modern structure of our division of tasks: small teams allow us to design our processes flexibly. Added to this is the comprehensive know-how of our approximately 100 employees: be it the specialist knowledge of the substances used or the expertise in handling our specially designed plant parks.

Tabletting and blistering

We have modern facilities for the production of tablets and their proper packaging in blisters. The heart of tablet production is the state-of-the-art blister line – this packing all common tablet formats at a speed of up to 400 blisters per minute

Every year, we press between 500 million and one billion hormone tablets in various dosages – also combined with iodine – which are used to treat hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

The individual active substance composition of our hormone tablets varies depending on the intended use and target country, so that we can offer appropriate preparations for the markets we supply.

Sachet production

Different techniques are used in the processing of granulates and powders containing active ingredients. For example, we use compaction to improve the flow behaviour of the powders. One of our main products (acetylcysteine in powder form) is manufactured using a direct mixing process. The filling of highly effective granulates and powders into sachets is done on four modern packaging lines, which give us a high degree of flexibility in terms of filling quantities and sachet sizes. Prepackages can be printed with variable data, serial numbers and crypto codes. Aggregation is also possible.

Up to half a billion sachets can be produced annually in our sachet packaging department. Examples include high-dose medicines such as cough expectorants or products for diet management such as glucose-electrolyte mixtures.